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Paris is a great place to explore diverse food options from across the world. There are ample restaurants that serve vegan food. However, you need to have an idea regarding these to visit the best out of the bunch. Read on to learn about some of the best vegan restaurants in Paris. Remember to visit these locations after your Musee D Orsay Guided Tours.

Raw Cakes

Raw Cakes is one of the best vegan eateries in Paris. Even though the name suggests differently, this charming little shop is not limited to unheated desserts. This restaurant offers a scope of raw meals like their flavorful lasagna, plates of mixed greens and makes outstanding portobello burgers. The mushroom burger is no less either. The best thing is that everything here is not just vegan, it is gluten-free. Note that their timings are a bit confusing. It is recommended to check their online feed to confirm their working hours before your visit.

Sense Eat

In case you are in the mood for an extravagant Italian-vegan dinner in Paris, Sense Eat is an incredible choice. The food they serve here has a reputation of being subject to “experiments” and being marginally “weird.” However, these are truly worth cherishing. From the depictions on the menu, it is nearly impossible to know what anything would taste like. The tagliatelle pasta with a green sauce is also delicious here. Note that this place is not fully vegan. Hence, make sure you mention that you are vegan at the time of ordering. If something mentions “cream” or “cheddar” it’s most likely not made of cashew. However, they have numerous vegan options.

42 Degrees

Raw foodists and aficionados of raw vegan food can surely discover many things to appreciate at 42 Degrees. It is a 100% raw vegan restaurant in Paris. One of the best offers they provide is that they have an everything you-can-eat Sunday buffet. Every Sunday the alternatives are unique, yet the buffet incorporates a smoothie and a hot beverage apart from the food.

They offer great mini burgers with buns made out of mushroom caps. These are always included in the buffet. Further, you will find spreads, salads, pieces of raw bread, and much more. Sometimes, they include lemon tart for dessert and it tastes delicious. Other common desserts include fruits or puddings.

Consider visiting the above places as they are among the best options to try vegan food in the French capital.

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