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Nowadays, most people are extremely careful about their health and physique and hence, tend to indulge in numerous workouts and activities to maintain it. One of the best workout schemes that most body lovers swear by is yoga. The main advantage of yoga is that you can easily do it even when you are abroad since it does not necessarily require a gym or studio. Rather, a tranquil ad composed place will be enough if you are pretty good at it. One of the best places that you may consider for this is Paris. This enchanting destination can be defined as the spot where serenity meets harmony.

Even though yoga has been introduced in most European cities way earlier, it has boomed in popularity only over the last few years, especially in Paris. However, the French capital is currently home to a number of yoga studios that cater to the budget and style of every traveler. On top of that, there are numerous tranquil spots in the city. However, if you are an amateur in the field or need to master your poses, it is better to rely on any of the yoga studios here. Below are two of the amazing spots in the capital city of France where you can practice your yoga sessions.

Big apple yoga

The Big Apple Yoga located at 20 Rue Dussoubs is the baby of a New Yorker and hence, it mainly focuses on New York-style yoga sessions. The makers have done a wonderful job in recreating a New York-style yoga studio in the heart of the city. However, the studio offers classes on other styles of yoga as well. On top of that, the studio tends to host various events and workshops that mainly highlight the significance of body health, hygiene, aura, yoga, etc.

Enrolling your name in the teacher training workshops conducted by this studio on your short Parisian trip will be a great option for yoga trainees. If you are looking for a cost-effective session, you may hire the service of any of the recent graduate from the studio.

The Paris Yoga Shala

There will be hardly any person who does not opt to explore Champ Elysees on their Paris city tours since most of the major landmarks in the city are located here. Nearby this region, you can find a captivating and enchanting yoga studio named as the Paris Yoga Shala. The main attraction of this yoga studio is that the ceiling is made out of plain glass. Hence, the yoga students can enjoy their yoga poses, especially Shavasana either enjoying the serene sound of natural rain or soaking up the sunlight based on the weather conditions at the time.

Needless to mention, the view outside is a bewitching wonder and this as well adds to the overall yoga experience. The studio conducts several daily classes that cover multiple yoga styles. However, make sure to take at least one-week yoga class from to make the best out of it. Additionally, you can expect weekend workshops that focus on topics ranging from mindfulness and meditation to amazing combination of yoga, music, and dance.

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