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Alfred Sisley is one of the most underrated artists among the Impressionists. It is thought, the reason for him being overlooked is that he mixed up two cultures in his works. His parents were from England although he was born in France. He is often called as the Invisible Man of Impressionism. However, one who studies the works of the Impressionists will understand that Sisley was also a key figure among the Impressionists along with Renoir, Manet, and Degas.

The specialty of the works of Sisley is that he emphasized on the painting of landscapes. This is an entirely different approach from those of the other Impressionists, who made paintings based on many different subjects. Very expressive skies are the main element of his paintings. The way Sisley captures light in his paintings is amazing. The design mastery and tonal control of his paintings are much admired by those who love paintings. While you are on your Musee d Orsay guided tours, you cannot omit to watch and admire the beauty of the landscapes that Sisley has painted.

Here are some of the major landscape paintings of Alfred Sisley which you must see during your Musee d Orsay guided tour.

Footbridge at Argenteuil

This is a painting of Sisley, which focuses on the architecture. The people in the painting are not so important. The painting portrays the modern life, which can be identified as one that existed at the end of the 19th century. Sisley uses diagonal lines in the painting by which the composition is flattened out. The bridge dominates the canvas and is the major focus in the painting.

Le Chemin De La Machine, Louveciennes

One theme that Sisley loved the most was of a road disappearing in the distance. In this painting, he has wonderfully portrayed it. The roads are lined with trees, and it gives an impression of depth. The vanishing point of the road is not in the center but slightly to the side of the road.

La Neige À Louveciennes

It is one of the masterpieces of Sisley. He used to spend his winters in a suburb of Paris called Louveciennes. He painted many snowy landscapes while being here. He has wonderfully captured the desolation and sadness of winter in this painting.

There are many other paintings like Le Canal du Loing and La Barque Pendant l’Inondation, which are considered the best works of Sisley at display in the Orsay Museum. Make sure that you some of these during your Musee d Orsay guided tours.

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