Where To Find The Best CBD In France

The first CBD coffee shop opened in Paris, with the legality of CBD use being given a green card all across the country! If this doesn’t show how progressive and open minded things have become, then we don’t know what will. The CBD industry has been grounded on the tarmac for quite a while and it is only in the past few years that it has actually picked up speed. Now it has come to a point of soaring for the skies, as more and more people flock towards the plethora of benefits that this life saving drug offers.

With the market opening its doors to CBD, the sheer number of ecommerce and retail stores that have come up is simply mindboggling. The everyday consumer has been given the gargantuan task of combing through the hundreds of CBD suppliers and thousands of CBD products to finding the right fit for them. We will be lending a hand in helping you find the best places that you must check out to get the best CBD in France!

Buying CBD Products In France In-Store

The best thing of heading down to the nearest CBD retail store is the personalised experience that you can enjoy. You will know exactly what product you are paying your hard earned money for. You can examine the product, although the selection and choices on the shelves will have their own physical limitations.

You however need not wait for the delivery and you can walk away with a CBD product in your hands that very day! However, France is yet to completely expand on its retail space for CBD, and the number of players (retail stores) to choose from, are limited. If you stay in the heart of a metropolitan area, then there will be more stores that follow both the laws prescribed as well as give premium safe CBD products. This may not be the case in rural areas or in the outskirts of the city; you will be better off buying your CBD online.

Buying Your CBD Produce Online In France

The sheer number of choice is amazing. You will not find a shortage of high quality CBD products that can be shipped to France. Many of these suppliers are of overseas origin, and there might be a case where the regulations set in place by the French authorities are not followed.

You can simply be careful and safe by choosing CBD isolate extract and not Full-spectrum or Broad spectrum extracts. The former has only CBD in it, and the trace of THC is negligible and within limit. The same cannot be said for the latter. As long as the CBD products have absolutely 0% of THC in them, they are not a controlled drug as per the French authorities.

Shopping online is also great for your wallet, apart from giving you access to the thousands of suppliers all over the globe! However be sure to cross check and dig deep into their certification from a third party accredited laboratory. The certification will tell you the presence, if any of additives and impurities; it will also tell you the percentage of the various cannabinoids and CBD potency in the product.

Take the time out to research the product that you will be putting into your body, and you will reap rewards for your patience and efforts!

Here Are The List Of The Top Places Where You Can Find CBD Products In France

  • Nordic Oil

This European based company established in the year 2018, has a long line of innovative and well researched CBD products. Right from CBD oils and tinctures to CBD bath bombs and topical creams; you will find everything in between and more! Their aim at being the pioneers in the CBD market can be seen in the care and effort they take into each and every product on their line. This fire to be the best and coupled with their outstanding customer service makes you feel right at home!

 Their top priority on providing transparent certifications and information regarding their CBD products to consumers has aided in them gaining the trust and loyalty of millions of customers all over.

You can check out their instagram and Facebook handles and learn of the various products which include:

  • Mani drops- Nano CBD +Melatonin drops (hotly brought product that helps induce sleep and calmness)
  • CBD Lip Balms
  • CBD Oils and Tinctures
  • CBD Capsules
  • Nordic Cosmetics Anti-aging Face cream with CBD and Retinol
  • Hemp Botanics

This CBD supplier first left its mark on the UK CBD market and from there on it has made it into their goal to supply Europe, France, UK and the rest of the world with the top quality CBD products that is deserved. From ethically sourced legal hemp grown in the US to a jam packed mixture of essential oils and cannabinoids and Chromenes make it one of the sellers that get you the best CBD in France.

Hemp Botanics has also cemented its glory by providing good customer feedback and interaction, allowing them to better understand what consumers want and then giving it to them. They have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that the final product has the least amount of impurities in them, all certified by an accredited third party lab.

They specialise in THC-free broad spectrum which is effective and of the highest quality.

There is something in store for the athletes reading this as well. Hemp Botanics have THC-free Broad spectrum CBD muscle creams as well to help soothe muscles cramps and help your muscles relax and recover.

They also have Natural Shilajit- CBD nutrihoney sticks and resin that you can add in your juices and foods to boost it.

There are very few players in this niche but there are products like the THC-free Broad spectrum Intimacy and arousal oil that are aimed at sexual wellbeing and enhancing performance.

Hemp Botanics have a host of cosmetological treatments and creams as well. You will also find intensive mineral masks and moisturising creams to help rejuvenate your face and skin; and THC free CBD essential oil roller for your chapped lips and under eyes.

You also have profile builders of various flavours like Clementine, Cherry Pie, Blue Cheese, Black Lime, Banana Kush and Sunset Sherbet among 10 other flavour profiles. These you can add in your protein shakes and juices!

  • Endoca

If you are in doubt over what to buy or where to buy you CBD from, Endoca will help you with that answer. This is one CBD company that has been in the market for quite a long time. A Denmark based CBD company established in 2008, has rode the tides and braced the storms when very few players were around!

Set up by the Vincenty Family, who have been involved with hemp cultivation for generations, the family brand under the name of Endoca knows the A to Z when it comes to making high quality organic legal hemp produce. The family run business strives on giving the masses great quality hemp derived CBD products; that which complies with the pharmaceutical standards set in place by GMP and ensures that it meets the strict quality control in place! That when combined with a transparent third party testing from a recognised laboratory makes for the perfect CBD product!

The products that are delivered to you in France by them are far and wide, from CBD creams made from whole-plant hemp extracts to help support the skin’s well-being and relieve skin irritation to muscle relaxant balms to help soothe joint discomforts.

  • CBD Salves and Lip Balms
  • CBD Infused Body Butter
  • Raw Hemp Oil Extract
  • Raw Organic Hemp Protein & Mineral Powder

Whatever you could think of, Endoca has it! Be sure to look at their navigable and user-friendly website to check out their various high quality products that you can get your hands on.

  • Formula Swiss

This family owned CBD company established in 2013 in Zug, Switzerland is focused on developing state of the art CBD products as a health supplement. The CBD product that they make available are made from the highest quality organic hemp sativa and extracted using a supercritical CO2 extraction process to make sure that the percentage of impurities and oxidants are the least. The delicate production makes sure that a good concentration of CBD and a wide spectrum of cannabinoids, chromenes, terpenes and flavonoids among others are part of the final product. There are also essential oils and antioxidants added into the mix to give rise to a product that is complete in every sense of the word. Their products are also properly tested, are made to follow strict quality control and are third party lab tested!

The best thing of this CBD company is that apart from the CBD products for human, they also have CBD products dedicated to your house pets! Your dogs and cats will be less anxious and tensed with the help of the CBD products that Formula Swiss has in store.

As far as the products for you are considered, they have an amazing line-up of skin treatment products of CBD skin cleansers, CBD exfoliation creams, CBD night moisturiser and CBD skin care packs!

The CBD oil they ship, make use of MCT and olive oil as carrier oil, making it very potent and holistic. You have the following flavours to choose from being orange, strawberry and vanilla.

They also have super foods and protein powders that you can add into your daily diet for a well-balanced effect.

The Final Note

These are the top places where you can have access to CBD in France. Be sure to carry out your own research and you will be surprised as to what you find!

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