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Paris has had a strong association with the past, and its history has certainly been highly eventful. As it transformed into an ultra-modern and hip city, it has maintained its association with the glorious past through the establishment of several famous places and attractions. These still burn with much the same fire which triggered their creation in the past. Below is a discussion on some of the best retro places you can visit in Paris after your Musee D Orsay guided tours.

Musée des Arts Forains

The Musée des Arts Forains has one of the world’s broadest accumulations of nineteenth- and mid-twentieth century carnival attractions and music hall stuff. Its founder, previous antique gatherer Jean-Paul Favand, considers it a living exhibition hall, since you don’t simply get the opportunity to wonder about the merry go rounds, carnival cutouts, and corridors of misshaping mirrors; you get the chance to give them a shot, as well. For a large portion of the year, it is quite an effort to get inside—you need to book ahead of time if you come in a large group. However, over Christmas, the exhibition hall opens each day for a fortnight of retro idealism. Features include a bike-fueled carousel built in Britain in 1897, which is one of just two remaining on the planet.

Eiffel Tower Ice-Skating

It’s difficult to beat an outdoors ice-skating arena 57 meters above Paris. This is located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. The arena’s limited size (190 square meters) is more than compensated for by its attractive setting. For the best perspective on the tower itself, head to the arena and Christmas fair situated at Trocadéro. Ensure you visit after dark, on the hour when the majestic tower is lit up with countess shining lights.

Passages Couverts

In excess of 150 canvassed arcades were built in Paris during the 19th century. This happened before the retail establishment. Around 20 of these are left today, generally in the first, second and ninth arrondissements. These make for a great morning exploration. Note that you will need a reliable map to explore these exclusive boulevards loaded up with a used book and classical shops, theaters, and bistros. A significant number of them are secured. Visit the Galerie Vivienne located in the second arrondissement for beautiful époque magnificence. For dining purposes, visit Passage des Panoramas, which has been functioning since 1800.

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