Best Works of Renoir at Musée D’orsay

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If you are on your Orsay museum tours, you cannot miss out on seeing the works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir. One of the many impressionist artists, he is also the most popular one among them because of the beauty of his paintings. He is considered as the most cinematic of all the impressionist painters. His paintings portrayed happy people who are engaged in life. He painted the real-life situations of his lifetime, and the paintings captivated the audience.

Here are some of the most important and best works of Renoir, you must watch on your Orsay tour.

Bal du Moulin de la Galette

This is a very large painting and the masterpiece of Renoir. It was first exhibited in 1877, at the third Impressionist exhibition. However, his painting did not get much attention here. It was the work of Manet and Degas that caught the attention of many critics.

This painting is however considered now as one of the significant masterpieces of the early impressionist period. In this painting, the artist portrayed the very famous Montmartre dance venue. The vibrant and joyful atmosphere of the dance venue is captured wonderfully in the painting. It was a great challenge before Renoir to bring all the things in one canvas. Therefore, he used a bigger canvas to paint the picture.

Les Baigneuses

After 1910, Renoir turned to nude paintings, and Les Baigneuses was the work he did and complete in his last days. The painting portrays two naked models in the front, and three bathers at the stream behind them. The models posed for Renoir at his olive garden in Southern France. The rich colors used in the painting make it a wonderful piece of art.

Danse à la Ville & Danse à la Campagne

Renoir loved dance scenes very much. In 1883, he did a pair of paintings depicting dancers. The two paintings featured contrasting views. One has city dancers in a dance hall while the other painting portrayed open-air country-dance. The country dancers appear to be lost in the music. It is evident from the hat, which is left unattended on the floor. This pair of paintings showed a sudden change in the painting style of Renoir. In this painting, he became more precise than in his previous ones. This was because of the influence of the works of Raphael that he saw in Italy.

Renoir’s paintings are truly majestic, and they can make your Orsay tour memorable.

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