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Paris is one of the best cities in the world where almost every person is artistically talented. The dizzying number of museums and art galleries are the best examples to prove this. Apart from these certified destinations, you can see an artistic touch in everything Parisian including the natural landscapes, architecture, streets, shops, restaurants, and whatnot.

So, Paris will be the perfect destination for you if you are an art lover. Furthermore, if you love to explore the artistic talent and culture of the French capital in an unconventional way, contemplating the incredible street art here will be just perfect. Some of the destinations where you can spot the best urban canvasses are listed below.

Rue Saint Maur

Located in the 10th and 11the arrondissements, this amazing street that spans around 2km is a ripe for all the artists out there. Unlike other places, make sure to keep your eyes on the walls rather than on the street to enjoy some classic elements of Parisian street art. Two of the most popular artworks you can spot here are the black and white portraits by Shepard Fairey and invader’s video game-inspired tile work.

As you reach the intersection of the street with rue Oberkampf, you can see the artworks created by arguably one of the most popular female street artists in Paris, Kashnik. Her works often reflect a strong feminist strain and have been said to repeat that of Frida Kahlo.

Rue Oberkampf

Once you reach rue Oberkampf located in the 11th arrondissement, you are most likely to be swept off by the vibrant and lively ambiance of this hotspot. Exploring this area will be a great option for all the people out there who love to combine their artistic exploration with happening night outs since the place is equally famous for both.

You will be amazed to see the art that pops up frequently on metal shutters, silvers of buildings, street furniture pieces, etc., at this street. Note that the best spot to enjoy fresh work is Le Mur, which is an association-coordinated wall. The specialty here is that a new artist is invited every few weeks to transform the wall. Hence, you can enjoy new artworks every time you visit here. The performance of talented artists usually attracts a huge crowd here. Additionally, make sure to check their website for more details if you are planning a visit.

Even though the streets mentioned above are the most popular names when it comes to street arts, some other options that offer artistic pleasure to every art lovers out there include;

  • Rue Germaine Tailleferre
  • Rue Laurence Savart
  • Rue Riquet
  • Rue des Cascades
  • Rue Ordener
  • Rue de l’Ourcq
  • Rue de l’ElyséeMénilmontant and Rue JulienLacroix

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