A Nocturnal Bee’s Guide to Saving Euros in Paris

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Out of an overwhelming number of things the French capital is famous for, one of the most prominent ones is the happening nightlife. The key attraction about the nightlife activities in the French capital is that things are more hassle-free and comfortable here when compared to many other tourist destinations. Thankfully, the happy news is that you can find a wide range of budget options in Paris irrespective of whether you are up to something more cultural and sedate or active partying.

One of the main issues that most nightlife lovers will have to face in Paris is that the metro system in the city usually shut down by 01:00 am every weekday and by 02:00 am on weekends. Hence, you will not be able to rely on this fastest mode of transportation in order to get around in Paris late at night. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid visiting the metro stations hoping to catch the last train, as it can be really dangerous, even though the crime scene in the city is trivial.

Rather, you may rely on the night bus service in the city that will be working up to early morning. This will be an affordable option as well. Nevertheless, it is important to know about your route and nearest stops while relying on the bus system here. If none of these options work, you can always depend on the online taxi system in Paris. However, this is not a good option for a budget traveler. Furthermore, you can walk to your place if it is nearby and if you are with a group of friends. This will not only be the cheapest option but will also let you wander around the city at your own leisure.

When it is about nightlife activities, most people would love to spend the night drinking and partying with their friends. In such case, go to affordable pubs where you will get good beverages at cheap rates rather than buying the same drink at expensive rates from high-end pubs. Additionally, try to choose the cafes that feature other activities like dancing, music concerts, live events, etc. If you are not a club person, you may head to the outdoor salsa and tango classes alongside the Seine River and show off some sultry moves. Besides, exploring the Parisian museums as well will be a great option for all the night owls out there who like to nail it the cultural way. One of the perfect options that you may consider in this case is self-guided Orsay museum tours as the museum will be open up to 011:00 pm and exhibits some really fascinating objects.

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