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The Musee d’Orsay is the second most visited museum of the French Capital. It gets extremely crowded on some days that it will be impossible to experience the place in silence and peace. On such occasions, you do not have to be disappointed. There are plenty of options around the museum, which you can explore on your Museum Orsay Tour. Below are some of the good locations worth exploring near the famous museum.

Café: La Palette

La Palette is a café located just fifteen-minute walk away from the Musée d’Orsay and is the favorite hangout spot for students of the Beaux-Arts. The place has a beautiful deco back room with stunning artworks on the walls. The prices might overwhelm you but don’t worry, you are sitting in the café that was frequented by the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Picasso, and Jim Morrison. The best place to sit would be on the terrace, which can be hard due to high demand.

Musée Maillol

Get rid of the crowds at the Orsay Museum while soaking in art by visiting the nearby Musée Maillol. The place is named after Aristide Maillol who created several of the sculptures on display here. Dina Vierny was one of his favorite models. She became his model in many of his works such as Air, Spring, and Harmony. She included his drawings, pastels, ceramics, engravings, and early Nabis-related paintings apart from terracotta and sculptures. She also established a Maillol Museum in Banyuls-Sur-Mer, a Pyrenean village. Furthermore, the place also hosts contributions from Rodin, Cézanne, Degas, and Picasso.

Burger Truck: Le Camion Qui Fume

Experience one of the best burgers of Paris from the Camion Qui Fume, which is the very first American-style burger truck in the French Capital. The lines here will tell you that the burgers are good. The secret of such high demand is obviously the ingredients. They use top quality meat, real cheddar, hand-cut fries, and bakery-made bread. The truck is nomadic and serves from a different spot every day, and the details will be published on their website.

Les Ministères

Les Ministères is situated among the antique shops in Paris’s Left Bank close to the Orsay Museum. The place is popular among journalists, politicians, fashion models, and military men since the times of the Second World War. They also offer a great menu with sautéed rabbit a la Provencale, a plate of oysters with a pichet of Petit Chablis, and a slice of classic pear and apple tart.

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