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Tour Orsay
Tour Orsay

Musee D Orsay is one of the most popular tourist spots located in Paris. If you are visiting Paris, it would be better not to skip this place because an Orsay tour is truly a mind-blowing experience that can enrich your life. This is because the Musee D Orsay is a storehouse of artifacts of most of the popular European artists. This five-storied building is one of the richest museums around the world. However, you may not be able to explore the whole place in a single day therefore you must make a list of artifacts that you need to see while visiting this place. The following are some of the most valued artifacts that you might want to include in your list when you tour Orsay.

Dance At Moulin De La Galette

It is one of the most popular paintings located in the Orsay museum. This 144-year-old painting is a masterpiece of Renoir. This painting is showing a happy moment at the Montmartre. This painting is considered as one of the best artworks of Renoir not only because of its joyful atmosphere but also because of its huge size. It also portrays a few of the characters who have appeared in other artworks of Renoir.

Van Gogh Autoportrait

The Musee D Orsay houses many artworks of Vincent Van Gogh and among those, a self-portrait of the artist is considered as the best. This is because, among the 43 self-portraits of Van Gogh, this painting has shown many true characters of him. It is evident that Van Gogh had some mental issues and this portrait is showing his condition by a contrast design. It is also considered as a live example of how an artist can bury their feelings in a normal-looking work of art.

The Polar Bear

Along with famous paintings, the Musee D Orsay also has a huge collection of statues and other artifacts. The polar bear made by Pompon is one of the best sculptures stored in this place. At a time, there was a competition between Rodin and Pompon, and the polar bear is an artwork that took birth from this rivalry. This sculpture is also famous for its smooth and shining design, showing the inner strength of an animal.

The above mentioned are a few of the must-see artifacts that have been displayed in the Musee D Orsay. Along with it, there are many other stunning artifacts in this museum that can give you memories for a lifetime. A pre-research can ensure that you are not missing out on anything that is breath-taking.

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