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Exploring the enormous collection of magnificent artworks of Musee d’Orsay can leave you famished. You will definitely need to recharge your energy for venturing into the museum further. Hence, take a break and head to the wonderful restaurants of the museum to ease your appetite and to feel refreshed.

Le Restaurant

This was originally the formal restaurant of the Hotel d’Orsay that is located in the train station. It was opened in 1990 and still maintains the magnificent feel that it had when it started. If you are on your first Musee d Orsay private tour this will be your ideal location for dining.

You will get mesmerized by the stunning interior of this room. The dazzling chandeliers and tall gilded ceilings give this restaurant a spectacular look. The wall of windows that overlook the Seine River and the beautiful courtyard will give you a special dining experience.

The food and service of this restaurant can be spotty. You can anticipate it to be in the range of average to excellent. If you are lucky enough, you can get a fantastic dining experience from this restaurant. However, the unique feel provided by this restaurant is more important than the quality of food. You will not be able to get this blissful feel from any other restaurants near the museum.

This restaurant offers the authentic tastes of traditional French cuisine. If you want something more you can also try some of the inventive and modern dishes in the menu.

During the peak times like high noon, the restaurant can get really busy. If you want to avoid the long queue, arrive at the restaurant at 11:30 AM or 1 PM, but still it won’t be even nearly empty.

Café Campana

This café is located on the fifth floor of the museum outside the Impressionist Gallery. The renovation by Brazilian designers in 2011 gave this restaurant a bold and enchanting look. Now, this café is a modern dining room bursting with colors. The centerpiece of this restaurant is a famous giant clock that adds more elegance to this place.

The menu of this café is classic Parisian brasserie. You can find a lot of mouth-watering dishes here, including salads, quiche, charcuterie, foiegras, and a long list of wonderful desserts. You can get sit down service facilities in this restaurant. Even though it is not as formal as Le Restaurant, its sleek design provides a fantastic experience for those who are craving for a modern dining experience.

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