About Us

The Orsay is among the most popular museums in Paris, and one place almost every tourist has on their list of spots to visit while in the city. It is easy to lose yourself amid the modern art displayed at this establishment, which ranges between 1848 and 1914. For a first-time visitor to Paris who wants to admire these Post-Impressionist and impressionist masterpieces, it can do wonders to have some idea beforehand about how a d’Orsay tour works. It does you no good to just wander aimlessly among the Corot, Degas, Monet and other pieces without a clue as to what each is. Works from each artist and generation are ordered in a specific way, and understanding this can help you make the most of a museum visit.

A satisfying tour is what most visitors have in mind, but few walk away with that experience. The unsatisfied visitors rarely plan which pieces to see, and winging it is not something you do when visiting the Orsay museum. When a place has as many different pieces of art as this one, you simply do not go in unprepared. You need to be sure that you have enough time to look at all the pieces you actually are interested in, and that you move past the others as quickly as you can without rushing your pace. A private tour guide could help tremendously with planning and executing this, and we can hook you up.

The Orsay is where regular people are supposed to learn something about the Impressionist movement; that is what this museum showcases objects of. Your tour guide should be well versed in this, and able to quickly explain how it changed the course of how art was progressing up until then. A professional, informative tour is what you should demand and expect, and we can help make sure it is exactly what you get. While this is happening, you would ideally feel time flying by, but not get a sense of being rushed through any of it. Like many other places in Paris, Musée d’Orsay lets you have one of the best and most memorable times of your life; we simply help make sure that is how it plays out.