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1The most attractive feature of a diamond is its brilliance which is sometimes referred to as sparkle. This is the feature that helps them stand out from other types of gemstones and jewels. You may keep them in a solitaire ring, a stud, or a necklace that reflects brilliantly. Regardless, the reflection and beauty depend on the light it can catch. There are different types of cuts on diamonds. While some perform excellently in the face of light, others might not be so as said in some Beverly Diamond complaints. Read on to understand about the cut which has the highest degree of sparkle.

Learning about Diamond Sparkle

Buyers have to fully understand the reason behind the sparkle of a diamond to value the special features attached to certain shapes. Besides their unique gem structure, diamonds shimmer due to their facets. These are the level surfaces cut into the outside of the stone. They act as mirrors, reflecting light to make that beautiful twinkle of diamonds. Note that some are perfect mirrors and these are small and plenty in number. Overall, the higher the number of cuts, the better the sparkle.

Diamond Shapes with the Highest Number of Facets

Round brilliant diamond cut

Brilliant cut diamonds were made specifically to have a maximum number of facets and the highest sparkle. Among these, modern round brilliant diamond cut is the most well-known and popular. Crafted with 57 or 58 facets, the round shape captures the light more stylishly than any other shape. This shape was created for this reason. Note that including extra facets does not really improve the brightness.

Different shapes that are cut with a comparable “brilliant” design are:

  • Marquise cut
  • Oval cut
  • Radiant cut

Remember that the number of facets is just one reason behind the diamond sparkle.

Other Factors Affecting Sparkle of a Diamond Cut

The nature of the cut and the sharing of facets influence the sparkle of the stone. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the beauty of the precious stone will be decreased if the facet distribution is incorrect. The combination of proper measurements and correct distribution of facets guarantees that there are no dark zones inside the diamond. This takes care of the reflection of light all through the stone.

Above are some basic features of diamond cuts. Make sure you understand them properly if you want to achieve excellent results while purchasing a diamond ring.

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